About 90s Popcorn

My name is Lynelle and I’m an Australian thirty-something who musically has never left the 90s. Lucky for me, the 90s are far enough away that more people are viewing the decade with misty-eyed nostalgia – so I hope this means my nerdy interest is now considered only ‘quite lame’ instead of ‘massively lame’.

Music videos were a big part of my childhood. I grew up with my dad watching Rage (Australian music video show) each Saturday morning and I continued that tradition in my teens. I used to even keep a VCR tape of all my favourite videos I’d recorded from the TV (that’s the way old people created video playlists before youtube, kids).

I came up with the idea for the blog after co-writing a series of recaps for colleagues for the Bachelor & Bachelorette in 2015. I was having a laugh at few old videos on youtube and found myself ‘recapping’ the videos in my mind. A common piece of writing advice is ‘write what you know’ and I suppose affectionately writing sarcastic 90s music video recaps is one of the things that might fit that bill.

Credit to the picture makers (I occasionally will whack a Powerpoint arrow over the top of a pic because I am a tech guru) and gif makers. Words are mine though. Mine. My words.

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