I Want You Back – ‘N Sync

The one where ‘N Sync try to save a girl from a terrible Wonkavision accident by flailing their arms
Released 1996 / 1998

Living in Tasmania in the 90s as a teenager was a sheltered, sheltered time. Without access to anything like youtube, we generally never saw ‘alternate’ versions of music videos if they weren’t shown on TV shows like Rage or Smash Hits. And even then, Tasmania didn’t even have Smash Hits for yonks.

…Long rambling story short, I actually had no idea this video existed. Until the other day.

Clearly, with nearly 19 million views, I’m pretty much the only person on this planet who hasn’t seen video before – there are probably people in remote villages of the world who have seen it (again, Tasmanian TV). So my initial reaction to this video, without having the benefit of rose-coloured memories attached to it, was


The version I was familiar with was the one where ‘N Sync are all ‘shootin hoops’, ‘playin’ pool’, ‘ridin jetskis’ and of course, ‘bustin’ out some coordinated dance moves’. Basically a warmed up leftover of a Backstreet Boys video.

But THIS! To use the Backstreet Boys comparison again, is the predecessor to the Larger Than Life video, without a budget. Judging by this blog so far, I feel like space themed music videos was the 90’s de rigueur.

The first thing with vintage ‘N Sync videos, is the old inevitable philosophical question – how did this Justin Timberlake become this Justin Timberlake?

NSync - I Want You Back 6

I Want You Back Gif

It’s a mystery. But I’m glad it happened.

This is apparently the video made for the European market in 1996. They are trying to get a girl back (presumably – I mean, the song title kinda gives it away) who has been involved in an unfortunate Wonkavision accident, and she’s up in the air, in a million tiny pieces.

NSync - I Want You Back 3

“Wonka, what have you done?” “Don’t worry, ‘N Sync will deal with it.”

“I’m trying to figure out just what to do,” sings Justin as they thrust about the place. Wonkavision girl is all like, “Yeah, the thrusting is nice but it’s not helping. I’m still in a million tiny pieces.”

NSync - I Want You Back 2

I guess you could say she wasn’t … IN SYNC! HAHAHA haha… ha …okay I’ll show myself out


So they try a few more dance moves but they just can’t seem to get her all back together.

Perhaps dancing like an inflatable tube man will help?

I Want You Back Gif 2


Maybe not.

So Lance and Chris reluctantly leave their dance troupe to find a computer and push a few buttons, in the hope that this will help. They’re so stupid, don’t they know dance moves always save the day in a boyband video?

So the whole point that they are in space and dancing around like inflatable men is that they are trying to get this girl-puzzle all back together and so what happens at the end? WE DON’T KNOW.

Towards the end, Lance gives us some hope by making this face.

NSync - I Want You Back 4

‘He’s cracked the code!’ we all rejoice, ‘He’s saved the day!’ Turns out he was just watching goat videos on youtube.

NSync - I Want You Back 5

Dammit Lance!

What happened to her? It’s a mystery. She’s still floating around out there. Unfortunately for her, it’s the end of April and it means that she doesn’t get the opportunity to share the best ‘N Sync-related meme ever.

I Want You Back 7

Any excuse, really.


  1. Alex's Crazy Stupid Blog · April 22, 2016

    Loved this! I love *NSYNC but do agree this was a terrible video! Your blog is excellent BTW – so much so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://wp.me/p4UO9N-el Hope you’ll take part! All the best 🙂


    • 90spopcorn · April 23, 2016

      Aww, thanks Alex! That’s awesome of you 🙂 I’m glad you like the blog. Liebster Award post coming up – I’m worried about what will come up on my ITunes shuffle though haha 🙂


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