What is Love – Haddaway

The one where a vampire recruits an unsuspecting Tinder date for a flash mob
Released 1993

In my feeble attempt to review this video, I inevitably ended up on a Jim Carrey youtube loop, thanks to the Saturday Night Live sketch that this song became infamous for.

haddaway youtube

Accurate infographic of my Youtube Circle of Life – always inevitably leading back to cats

We open with Haddaway asking a statue the crucial question, ‘What is love?’

Haddaway - What is Love 6

Still a better love story than Twilight

Nice try Haddaway but I really think you are asking the wrong inanimate object. And judging by the youtube comments I’m not the first one to make that Twilight joke #StillTrue

A poor unsuspecting Haddaway has found himself scampering around a mansion while some extras from Clueless having some dance off. We don’t quite know why Haddaway has found himself wandering around this incredibly large castle. Perhaps his car broke down. Maybe he fell asleep watching Full House and found himself sleepwalking. If it wasn’t 1993, I’d suggest this could be a really awful Tinder date, having swiped right for the dominatrix vamp-lady. After all we do see later on in the video that he has rocked up to the castle with a bunch of flowers.

Haddaway - What is Love 1

“Seriously this is the last time I use internet dating.”

Haddaway, a piece of advice, if the girl has fangs in her profile pic, it’s a no-go.

It appears the vamp-lady is not content with her army of dancing Clueless extras. She wants a real man wearing a chunky amulet and a vest to become part of her dance group. As you can see she’s pretty terrifying.

Haddaway - What is Love 4

With her dominatrix vamp-lady bite and a bolt of lightning he is suddenly an AMAZING TABLE TOP DANCER.

Haddaway - What is Love 5

Imagine if Robert Pattinson had those kind of powers!

Haddaway - What is Love 2

Err’y single day, slaying bitches with my dancing skillz

I’m not quite sure what this vamp-lady wants with her furiously dancing army. I mean, you’re a vampire, I’m sure you could provide better powers than that.

My theory: She is planning a very epic flash mob. It seems like an extreme way to go about it, but we’ll await this vampy, thrusty flash mob with baited breath. Coming soon to a town near you!

In the end, did Haddaway find out what is love? I don’t think so. Not unless love is getting bitten, hit by lightning, and becoming a table top dancer for your blood-sucking girlfriend’s flash mob. On second thoughts… maybe it does seem legit.

But did they live happily ever after? I’ll let you decide.

Haddaway - What is Love 3

“I can’t believe you left the toilet seat up AGAIN!!?”


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