MMMBop – Hanson

The one where long haired brothers wander into a cave and hallucinate.
Released 1997

It wasn’t a difficult decision to launch this blog with Hanson’s ubiquitous 1997 hit MMMBop. The song is basically my theme tune – not lyrically (it’s quite a somber song if you think about it) but in terms of, I pretty much wore out my VCR tapes I’d used to watch this music video on. That’s right kids, before Youtube, you could watch something so often it would literally self-destruct. How’s that for hardcore fangirling.

Despite the fact I only devoutly watched this music video before school…after school… after dinner…before bed… in my Taylor Hanson obsessed dreams at night – and despite the fact Hanson are still my favourite band nearly 20 years later (feeling old), I only understood the concept of this music video about three years ago.

Perhaps I was distracted by their shiny tresses, perhaps I was too busy searching for the finer details as a 12 year old (“What colour socks is Isaac wearing dammit”) but I thought the video was just them doing random things. Until one day, a pop epiphany,
“Oh. It’s a magic cave.”

Hanson, in between having a jam session, take various forms of transport to get a cave. They run in, chorus kicks in and woohoo, a beach! Einstein! Zac in a bin! “Driving” a yellow car! They’re on the moon! Laaaaampost. Euphoria!

They even find time to plant a giant pansy, you know, typical teenage boy stuff.

Hanson - MMMBop

This is how us 90s teens spent our time before Facebook was invented.

To be honest, I’m beginning to wonder if this was a magic cave or if they had in fact, taken something suspicious on the bus ride over to said cave. After all, Zac was literally swinging from the handrails. I would suggest Isaac picked up something from High School but they were home schooled, so … maybe from a dodgy neighbour? But, seriously, long haired brothers playing musical instruments in a giant pansy? Doing math with Einstein? The chorus is nonsensical. Hmm.

Hanson - MMMBop 2

Einstein taking a break while Hanson do all the work. Zac working on that theory of relativity. How do you haters feel now?

A quick rollerblade around an empty car park for them 90’s feels (did they really need to go on some magical adventure to do this? You can do this anytime, Hanson. Dancing on the moon is much cooler) eventually culminating in a massive crash between Zac and Taylor. LOL you guys.

Look I know it was the 90s and according to every possession I owned at the time that I could graffiti, Taylor was indeed a ‘babe’. But looking back, I’m still quite surprised I had a crush on a guy with a GIANT RAT TAIL.

Hanson - MMMBop 4

Infographic showing precise location of Taylor’s rat tail

Having come down from their trip completed their magical adventures, Hanson leave the cave immediately, because they don’t want to feel their Mum’s wrath if they are late for dinner.

Because I can’t possibly write an entire post being sarcastic about my favourite band, I’m going to close with a link to Taylor Hanson’s fantastic charity, because he is awesome and still my bb :


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